Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is driven by a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs, future goals and appetites for risk.  Only then can we devise a custom asset allocation strategy that delivers results. Our strategy balances asset allocation, tax efficiency, and cost effectiveness with evidence-based and goal-driven investing. Ongoing client communication assures flexibility and adaptability to meet the ever-changing market landscape, as well as changes in a client’s personal situation and goals.

Preserve Capital, Reduce Risk

At River’s Edge Wealth Management, our goal is to design and implement diverse portfolios to reduce risk and enhance return over the long-term. Our emphasis is on managing for risk and planning for long-term appreciation, not on short-term portfolio performance. We’ve found that thoughtful, time-tested strategies deliver best for sustained long-term capital accumulation and preservation.

Simple, Evidence-based, and Cost-Efficient Solutions

When it comes to investing, simplicity is indeed sophistication. Simplifying the investment process and the methods used is a hallmark of how the firm performs investing. Additionally, our firm adheres to using evidence-based investing principles of wealth building, favoring a cost-efficient, passive-tilted, tax-smart approach.

Global, Independent Resources

As an independent firm, our clients reap the benefits of the ability we have to source an unlimited variety of investment opportunities and advanced thought leadership from around the world.