Our Process

Our Investment Process

We are a firm focused on clients first and foremost, so we make it simple to connect for an introductory meeting. In this complimentary meeting, a client doesn’t have to “have it all together.” In fact, it’s often not! It’s our job to depict what it is that we do for clients, answer questions, and understand what a client is looking for based on their situation. After this introductory conversation, it’s usually clear whether we might be a good fit for the client, and vice versa.

In our next conversation, we seek to really understand what is most important to the client by asking thoughtful questions.  Our most important role is understanding a client’s unique goals and objectives, and integrating these with their assets, income streams, and other financial components, integrating that into a plan that serves to bring those goals and objectives to fruition. 

After deeply understanding a client’s situation, we will develop both a written financial plan, and summarized action steps to implement.  We make it a point to ensure that implementation of the plan is stress-free for the clients, recognizing that our team can leverage their time and expertise to the benefit of our clients. 

Finally, clients can have confidence that our team will serve as a fiduciary for them on a day-to-day basis, executing the plan based on their unique goals.  However, it’s equally important that we remain proactive for clients – bringing relative tax, market, and opportunity-related ideas to the table.  Additionally, as client lives and goals change, its paramount that their financial plan be adjusted to reflect the dynamic nature of each client’s life.  Our passion is to understand our clients, and marry that to expert financial advice.