Physician Wealth Management Services

Having worked with physicians across the spectrum of their careers, we have the insight and expertise to implement solutions that lead to successful outcomes.  Whether a client is starting their first attending position, or concluding a successful practice, our goal is to give advice for each stage of life.

Perhaps most importantly, with all the demands on a physician’s time, our role is to allow a physician to confidently offload this vital component of their life, knowing that they are partnered with a team that understands them, and is working for their best interest.

Our physician clients often have questions that are like the following:

  • After being in school for so long, and subsequently completing training, I think that I am not on track for long-term savings goals like retirement. How can I develop a plan and budget to make sure that I’m on track for financial security, without sacrificing important priorities now?
  • I’m looking at purchasing a home – I’m not sure what price range is appropriate for my situation, and what type of mortgage and payment would be most advantageous.
  • How do I ensure that I am paying off my student loans in the best way? Am I eligible for and properly enrolled for loan forgiveness, or should I refinance my loans privately?  Is it more important to save and invest for the long-term, or pay off my debt as quickly as possible?
  • I recognize that I am in a high tax bracket, but I’m not sure that I am maximizing all avenues to reduce my taxes. Additionally, I want to have a plan to make sure that my funds are growing as tax-efficiently as possible, and are sheltered from future taxes.
  • How do I develop a monthly budget that ensures that I save enough for long-term goals, but also allows me to enjoy and prioritize other things now?
  • How do I determine if the compensation I am receiving is proportionate to what others in my specialty and production level are receiving? Should I be considering a restructure of production targets, incentive/bonus metrics, etc.?

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