Wealth Management for Business Owners

Owning and running a business has a particular scope of demands which often leaves the owner feeling like there is not enough time in each day. However, owning a business can bring a sense of fulfillment and opportunity which can be maximized when partnered with the right group of trusted professionals.

Our objective is to genuinely understand each business, its owner, and their unique goals, and effectively outsource their financial planning and wealth management to allow the owner to focus on running and growing their best asset, their business.

Business owners often have questions about some of the following:

  • My business is my largest asset, but I’m worried about not being diversified enough – how to I create a strategy to protect against losses, and make sure that I could withstand market, industry, or other changes?
  • The revenue generated from the business is good, and there are always opportunities to reinvest back into the business to continue growth, but is there an amount that I should be taking out of the business each year to ensure long-term financial security?
  • It seems that taxes always negate the hard work and growth – is there a way that I can reduce my current tax liability, and a way to ensure that wealth grows tax-free?
  • I’m starting to consider a sale of my business, what are the legal, tax, and other steps that I need to take to maximize this opportunity?
  • Is there a way for me to retain and reward especially key employees, to make certain that they will continue to remain in the business for the long-term?
  • Is there planning that I should be considering to protect the value of my business in the event of an untimely death, or a disability?

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