Fee Only, Fiduciary Wealth Management and Financial Planning

Our team is passionate about connecting client resources with their priorities and values, mapping out tax-favored and market strategic approaches to a continually evolving plan that serves the needs of each individual client.  To fulfill this mandate, our firm is comprised of credentialed and experienced professionals who hold multiple licenses and designations, including Certified Financial Planner® and Retirement Income Certified Professional®.

Who We Are

An independent and fee-only firm that specializes in financial planning and wealth management for physicians, retirees, and business owners.  Our passion is connecting clients’ wealth to their most significant aspirations and vision, seeking to maximize their resources to make the greatest impact for them, their families, and communities.  We serve as a fiduciary for our clients, and as a result, our process and all of our advice seeks to achieve the best result for our clients and put their interests first.

What We Do

River’s Edge helps clients connect the most important things in their life with their finances, and build and execute a plan that enables them to put into motion meaningful steps to achieving what is most important for them – not only with their resources but in all facets of their life.

Retirement Planning

Whether preparing for a future retirement, or already in retirement, we help clients coordinate a strategy to understand how much they could safely spend while ensuring long-term security, and utilizing a comprehensive approach to maximize all of their resources.

Wealth Management

Everybody has investments, but most have not developed a holistic approach to confirm that their investments are aligned with their goals.  We implement portfolios for clients that are low-cost, tax-efficient, and optimized for long-term wealth building, while having safeguards against market downturns. 

Tax Planning

Everyone wants to pay less in taxes, and consistently we find opportunities to help clients reduce their current and future tax liabilities. After all, it’s not what you make, but what you keep!

Financial Planning

Too often, clients make uniformed decisions about their employment, real estate, education for children, and other meaningful areas of life, without considering the impact on their overall financial plan.  Our goal is to help clients make prudent decisions for both the short and long-term, knowing that they can enjoy life now without sacrificing long-term security. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to deeply understand our clients, their values, and their ambitions, and to apply innovative investment, financial, and tax planning strategies coupled with a time-tested and proven fiscal approach to achieve outcomes for our clients that they couldn’t dream was possible.

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